May Member News from 2020 Archery

Hey everyone – two pieces of news for May 2014.

  • You can now book a place for our next Sunday Handicap Competition on Sunday 8th June
  • We’ve re-opened the Direct Debit system with new pricing options


Save the date for our next handicap competition – or better still click through and book!

Our upcoming competition will be on Sunday 8th June! And we’ll be having an Autumn one on Sunday 14th September. To improve the system we can now accept bookings for the handicap competition ahead of the normal website opening! To get things rolling in advance we’ve added competition places to our normal ‘vouchers’ page. If you click through here you’ll be able to buy yourself a place on either the 12 noon session or the 2pm session.


There will be a few improvements this time, primarily there will be categories to the competition so you can enter as a longbow archer, a sighted recurve, barebow recurve etc. We will need at least five people in a category to award a prize.


Re-opening Direct Debit Programme

The other great news is that all the pre-payment shenanigans have now died down – we even got some love from a few people for not having to remember to get cash out before the session. Phew. We’re glad that’s all taken care of.


We’ve also made huge inroads into getting the Direct Debit people to re-open places / alert us if for some reason they can’t attend and we seem to have successfully passed the message on that there is a limited number of missed sessions that we can cope with if you’re on programme.


So.. we’re re-opening the system. A little bit new and improved.


1 shoot per week : £25

This seems to be really popular and we don’t want to change a winning formula


Unlimited shooting each week : £65

As we’ve now got less sessions than before it seems fair to make the unlimited price a bit cheaper. It also makes sense to only differentiate between once a week people and, beyond this, to open it up and make it a bit more viable for any of you that want to come as many times as you can in a given week and practice.


T’s and C’s are the same as before.

To give a quick rundown – we can’t guarantee that sessions will go ahead – particularly where Acts of God are concerned (or ‘Acts of Downside’ as we refer to them).  At least once a year Downside forget to tell us about a closure (or have an explosion – I believe they melted part of the road on Druid St last time) and – not even joking – Southwark Academy changes parents evening to a Monday night with about 3 days notice at least on an annual basis. Last year they booked in a sports hall resurfacing which closed the venue for three weeks and only told us the week before. Still, it adds another frisson of excitement to London Life for all of us. We definitely know that we close for a little bit at Easter and over Christmas, and Bank Holidays are usually closed too. We can’t refund DD payments, carry over credits or anything similar, and we’ll (very nicely) ask you to go back to PAYG if you miss more than 3 sessions in 3 months which we didn’t have enough notice to get filled.


Happy Shooting! Heidi and the 2020 Archery Team