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Stag Parties

Archery Tag is a great option for stag parties and stag events. 2020 Archery has been delivering first rate stag events for almost 10 years and we have millions of 5* reviews to prove it. (OK, maybe not actually 'millions' but we're the number one rated archery provider in London according to Free Index, we've got an overall google rating of 4.9/5 from more than 130 customers - plus we live stream our unedited reviews onto our front page which shows that we're confident!).

We're super pleased to announce that from mid-June 2017 we'll be operating exclusively from London Bridge. We're just 10mins walk from the station! Great location, great game, great venue! We also now have a brilliant OUTDOOR Tag venue just ten mins further down the road in Bermondsey. It's just one stop on the Jubilee line from London Bridge or 2mins (literally) on the bus from Elephant & Castle.

No matter where your evening activities might be taking place rest assured you'll be able to get there from our stag focused Archery Tag sessions.

Questions? Can we get 'dressed up' for Tag. Yes! We do get a lot of Robin Hood costumes - and an occasional slightly unhappy bridegroom squashed into an ill fitting Maid Marian outfit - we didn't suggest that - *ahem*

We offer a great blend of stag-friendly competition and fun. We can be adaptable to the needs of the group (yes, you can bring an apple but we do ask that the victim has his back to the shooters to protect his face).

We can arrange for a team trophy and - unlike go-karting and paintball - drinking is not absolutely banned. Yes, you have to be a little careful - total intoxication is not a great idea but having a cheeky pre-game drink isn't totally banned either.

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Tag Warrior

'Dodgeball with arrows' specially designed for stag parties and stag events - from only £34.50pp for 1.5hrs of play with no hidden costs (no extra ammo charges)!

Why not book your stag party activity in today - book now directly through our website - and get your event in the bag!

We'll go through all the rules and safety with you when you get to us, absolutely no experience necessary! We also offer Combo events where we combine Olympic style Target Archery followed by an hour of Tag.

We also now offer Combos with Bubble Football (not available for online booking yet - drop us an email to add this on). Just £350 additional charge (for groups of up to 15ppl - larger groups please ask for quote) to start your activities with a 1hr game of bubble football. Bubble Football is - officially - a laugh.

You don't need to wear any special clothing or bring anything with you (although costumes are welcome). Just book yourself a date and time online then just let everyone know that the job's done and you're playing Archery Tag!

Make your stag happy by bringing him along to have some archery fun!

Minimum booking size of 10 people (you are welcome to bring a group of 8 & play 4 a-side but our minimum amount has to be based on 10x ppl to cover our Zone 1 location costs!).

We have more Tag gear than anyone else in London which means we can accommodate groups of up to 50 people playing across multiple courts, with ample amounts of gear!

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We recently moved!

So, if you heard about us from a friend who told you we were based in Whitechapel you've got the right organisation... but we've now pulled everything together on the same side of the river. We operate from two fab sites near London Bridge. We offer indoor Tag at The Downside Centre which is just ten mins walk from London Bridge station. We also have a brilliant site a further ten mins away (Harris Academy in Bermondsey) where we can organise OUTDOOR Archery Tag (this is the BOMB in Summertime and yes, you can still play in the rain).

We can also organise Combo Events with Bubble Football or Target Archery at Harris Academy.

Find us:

Main venue : The Downside Centre, Coxson Place, Druid St, London SE1 2EZ. 10mins walk from London Bridge station!

Outdoors & venue for Combos : Harris Academy Bermondsey, 55 Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey, SE16 3TZ.

  • Monday to Friday - start times from 10.30am to 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday - start times from 10.30am to 4pm

Will being struck by an arrow hurt?

No! We use special patented safe non-lethal arrows. It hurts a lot less than paintball and won't leave bruises or marks.

How fit do you need to be?

You need a reasonable level of movement but there's no shame in being tactical and staying in "bunker position" a bit more than some of the younger, fitter participants!

Can anyone play?

As before you need to be in reasonable physical shape. If you aren't sure about some members of your group our standard Target Archery Events (at London Bridge) are a lot more sedate and doesn't involve any running about at all!

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, but we have a minimum age of 10yrs to take part and we don't recommend mixed age groups if it's possibly avoidable. This is because if you have some tall, strong grown ups they can get a lot more power into each shot. Not only will the grown ups almost certainly win (not much fun for the littles!) but it's going to be a lot less fun for a 10yr old being shot by a 35yr old, than it is vice versa.

Can I bring less than 10 people?

Yes! We recommend that you aim for a group size of 8+ as four a side is pretty much the minimum number required to really enjoy the event. Unfortunately the lowest price we can offer is based on 10 people though.