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Archery Tag

Ever wanted to shoot your colleagues? Are you organising a work social or a stag party? Are you juggling options and prices and having to make a ton of phone calls? Are you looking at all the ‘same-old’ ‘same-old’ options? We’ve just solved your problem!

Come and play this super fun combat archery game!

Archery Tag is a ‘combat archery’ game where you have two teams armed with bows and special non-lethal arrows which fly like ‘proper’ arrows but have big marshmallow pieces instead of points. OK, it’s not actually marshmallow, it’s some highly technical proprietary, patented clever stuff that makes them super safe but accurate as well.

The goal is to eliminate the other team – if you hit them with an arrow they’re out!

2020 Archery has more than 10 yrs of experience teaching archery, and we were the first Archery Tag licensee in London. Come and play with the original and the best!

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Tag Warrior

‘Dodgeball with arrows’ from only £34.50pp for 1.5hrs of play with no hidden costs (no extra ammo charges)!

Book your team in today directly through our website & get your next social event in the bag!

We’ll go through all the rules and safety with you when you get to us – we’ve been teaching archery for getting on for 10 yrs now in various venues across London and we’ve got hundreds of fab reviews – we have a live unedited feed on our home page if you want to check our what other people think!

You don’t need to wear any special clothing or bring anything special with you – just book yourself a date and time online then just let everyone know that the job’s done and you’re playing Archery Tag!

Make your colleagues happy by bringing them along to have some archery fun in our awesome Whitechapel location!

Minimum group size of 10 people.

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We play at Play On in Whitechapel. The address is 22 - 36 Raven Row, Whitechapel, London, UKE1 2EG which is about 2 mins walk from Whitechapel tube.

Closest mainline trains are at Liverpool St (about a 20 min walk).

• Monday to Friday - 10.30am to 10pm

• Saturday & Sunday – 10.30am to 9pm

Will being struck by an arrow hurt?

No! We use special patented safe non-lethal arrows. It hurts a lot less than paintball and won’t leave bruises or marks.

How fit do you need to be?

You need a reasonable level of movement but there’s no shame in being tactical and staying in ‘bunker position’ a bit more than some of the younger, fitter participants!

Can anyone play?

As before you need to be in reasonable physical shape. If you aren’t sure about some members of your group our standard Target Archery Events (at London Bridge) are a lot more sedate and doesn’t involve any running about at all!

Can I bring less than 10 people?

Yes! We recommend that you aim for a group size of 8+ as four a side is pretty much the minimum number required to really enjoy the event. Unfortunately the lowest price we can offer is based on 10 people though.

Can I do Target Archery and Archery Tag combined?

We've just introduced our new Combo Event - £58pp for our 2.5hr event features 1hr of Target Archery tuition followed by a 1hr game of Tag. Great for aspiring Katniss Everdeen's! Contact us for booking!