Learning the Basics of Archery Through Digital Aids


Getting to grips with the basics of virtually any sport has changed in the last decade. Luckily, technological advancements have meant that we now have a means to find information via a myriad of sources online that weren’t previously available to us.


While our blog section here at 2020 Archery will provide you with guides for anything from overcoming a Zombie Apocalypse to introducing some of our multi-talented instructors, there are also many other great options for beginners and advanced archers to source information.


Currently there are approximately 1,100 archery clubs in the UK which provide superb resources in terms of coaching and mentoring for all levels. Archery GB reported that there were over 150,000 active archers in 2013, a figure that has grown hugely recently, which is great for the sport. Seemingly trivial things like popular TV programmes (e.g. Game of Thrones – we LOVE GoT) and their constant inclusion of archery seems to keep the sport relevant in the eyes of Millennials, too, strange as it may seem. (Although, there have been a LOT of archery mistakes in the TV series that have annoyed the archery community.)


That kind of exposure to a global market has also seen newfangled suburban archery battles spring up over the world. As well as that online slot games like ‘Nordic Heroes’ and ‘Merry Money’ have jumped on the bandwagon offering archery-based and Game of Thrones-related bingo games to the UK market, which have become hugely popular.


Popularity aside, the best archery resources for beginners to download and read directly via their smartphones, are generally those supported by official apps. So, with that in mind, here is a definitive list of some of the best archery apps to keep abreast of the latest news, training tips and overall insights on archery.



This app is perfect for coaches and archers alike who want to import videos for [slow-motion video analysis]. For instance, if a beginner uploads a video of their technique, the advanced tech allows the coach to zoom into the archer and critique their form, while providing a voice-over for analysis purposes. According to the iTunes app page, uploading videos can be done via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and DropBox among other platforms.



Designed by world champion compound archer Jesse Broadwater, stabilization expert, Greg Poole and Olympic silver medalist, Jake Kaminski, APPtitune provides users with useful insights on how to setup and tune their archery equipment. What’s extra special is that it also features information on “limb and cam alignment, stabiliser and broadhead setup, group and torque tuning, bare-shaft tuning, walk-back tuning, paper tuning, yoke tuning, creep tuning, arrow setup, and third-axis levelling,” according to Archery 360.


Scoring Helper

Scoring Helper pretty much does what it says on the tin. It provides archers with a simple aid to track scoring. The digital tool is, “primarily meant for compound and recurve target archery.”


World Archery Live
World Archery Live gives users a single platform to keep up to date with all the latest results on the professional circuit including the World Archery Championships and the Archery World Cup. The app also catalogues more than 10,000 professional archers, features historical results, photo galleries of WA competitions, breaking news, live streaming of major events, and tutorials for beginners.