Important Information on Shooting at Downside Fisher – we must not assemble bows outside of area booked for archery!‏

Dear Club Members


This is just to let everyone know that Downside have specifically requested that no-one puts together bows outside of the area we’ve booked for archery and that we do not enter the room booked for archery until the session start time.


Our booked entry time on a Saturday is 12 o’clock and on a Sunday it’s 2pm. We also need to be out promptly for the session end time – if everyone can arrive on time to get set-up together & then stay to help pack-away we can maximise the shooting time in the middle!


Downside have had a safety evaluation done for all activities and the assembling of bows outside of the area booked for archery has been flagged as something that CANNOT be continued.


Please help us to stay at Downside! It’s a great location for us and the facilities are very well suited to our club. The more of our club members that are pleasant and respectful to Downside staff and their building safety policies the better our chances of continuing to grow and thrive as a club at this super convenient spot.


We really do appreciate the support of our club members as we all navigate our way forward.


Best wishes, The 2020 Archery Team


P.S. However annoying these new rules may be please don’t be angry toward the staff at Downside! We want to be the friendliest, nicest people that use the centre and we’re very appreciative that we’ve built up many special arrangements for using the centre over the years.