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Looking to buy first bow...left handed!

Hey lovely archery peeps,

I have been shooting since November and am keen to buy my first bow. Shortly about to move out of London so don't want to pay masses just in case the new archery clubs are not a patch on 2020 😉 so hoping to find a reasonably priced 22-28lb left hand recurve bow about 66". Can anyone help???

23rd May 2014 20:50
Hi Hannah, all good if anyone has any stuff to get rid of for cheap.. Just for info.. I'm about to put up a sticky in this forum in the next few days about the fact that we've negotiated an 8% club discount with Clickers in Norwich for anyone looking to buy new kit. So, might also be worth having a look on their site. They do limb exchange as below which is always good when you're first starting... You'd need to quote the 2020 Member discount when ordering (by phone).

"We do offer a P/EX scheme , so for example on a Wooden Bow, if we have the old limb back from the archer and we supply a brand new limb, we charge £20 to switch. Or if we have a used limb that is the right size, we charge £10 to switch - the reason we make a charge for in effect a used limb to a used limb, is that it then enables us to track the limb as we warranty any used limb for a year. Obviously for London based customers, there would need to be postage on that as well."

23rd May 2014 20:58
Hello Hannah you're in luck - ever since I received my flat now I haven't really looked back. The bow I 'was' shooting is a SF Premium (in black) with matching limbs. I've installed the factory provided arrow rest and plunger on the riser already, and have installed a Cartel sight for it. Other things I have for it is a 26 inch long rod, 8 arrows, a side quiver and archery bag with arrow tube. Please email me on and I can provide you with measurements and pictures.
4th Jun 2014 11:20