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Winter CLAA postal competition shooting date nominations.

Hi everyone!
Here is a thread that you can nominate the day that you want to shoot your winter CLAA postal shoot. This way if i'm not around then you can nominate a day in advance and then just submit scores like normal. Please remember you must use the proper score sheet that was posted in the newsletter post.

Just post on this thread with the day you are nominating BEFORE you shoot it, and then just put the scoresheet in with the other scores.

p.s. this will also count to your club highscore.

Good luck everyone!

15th Sep 2017 9:43
Just to update this.. you can of course nominate your shoot 'internally' and shoot it, score it and submit to Roger or Erin (or another 2020 Archery person) or email it directly to the office. It's a trust based system and we'd like as many people to shoot the tournament as possible so please don't be put off by having to follow any 'rules'!

Submissions should ultimately be on the CLAA scoresheet but you can always transcribe if you used a club one, or an app when scoring 'in the moment' - 2020 admin
18th Sep 2017 3:22