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Wednesday Venue

Have Wednesday sessions moved to Harris Academy in general or was that just last week?

I ask as it was stated on the booking screen for last Wednesday but not for this Wednesday yet there seem to be 28 bookable places this Wednesday which is more than we usually have at Downside.


3rd Aug 2014 16:34
Thanks Bryn, I think I've got everything straight now. I've got the notes that the session is at Harris Academy and I've got the start time as 7pm.. although we're expecting arrivals between 6.45 and 7.15pm.. (hall is booked from 6.30pm). Please do prod me if things don't seem to be adding up / you find mistakes or inconsistencies on the site.

We have permanently moved Monday and Wednesday. We've been experiencing a LOT of problems at Downside behind the scenes and we think that this is the best way of ensuring the club's continued existence without crazy last minute cancellations, double bookings, staff hostility etc.

What did you think of the new venue? (I will have to take down anything rude or unpleasant! Please remember that we're trying our best to deliver the best club we can but we don't have control over some things) - Heidi
3rd Aug 2014 16:48
Hi Heidi,

Thanks for confirming the move. Did an email go out about this? I guess I must have missed it if so.

3rd Aug 2014 17:43
Yes it did.. I'll repost it on the blog so you can have a read. H
4th Aug 2014 15:36