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Message for Roger on string length

Hi mate,

Just playing around with my shiny new Borders :) Looks like I'll need a much longer string than the one you lent me the other day, as that's coming out at about a 11" brace height at best. Sid recommended aiming for around 7 3/4" on the phone, although their PDF seems to think that up to 8.7 is cool.

Any ideas?

21st Jun 2014 16:39
Ack, sorry burt i lent you the wrong string. i'll lend you another string on wednesday and we can give it a go. i'd recommend being on the longer side just to reduce string contact with your arm but we can have a experiment on wednesday, and i'll make you a new one when we've figured out what will work. for now you'll just have to admire them unstrung.
22nd Jun 2014 8:41
Cheers mate. I put my normal string on it and that got it down to about 10", and at that point I deemed the exercise a bit pointless and did something else :)

They're very shiny though!
22nd Jun 2014 11:43
FYI I have a spare unused Fast Flight string, 68" 18 strand, if that's any use to you? Was a freebie but it's not suitable for my bow.

Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
26th Jun 2014 11:34
Thanks for the offer corrinne but burt needed an extra long 72" string so i was the only one to provide it.
if you want to get rid of your string then feel free to post on the "gears for sale" section of the forum. lots of people use 68" strings so someone would surely like a new string.

best wishes,
26th Jun 2014 19:45