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Bag targets anyone used one of these before? I need something to shoot at in my garden, and as apparently shooting people who play loud music is frowned upon by the courts [justifiable homicide every day of the week IMHO] was looking at one of these. Will only be shooting at close range [10ft].

23rd Jul 2014 12:32
I was talking to someone that has one the other day and they were very impressed with it. you can pin targets to it and it's good at stopping arrows. alas the zombie version is only light duty.
I should also add that shooting in your garden is very dangerous and is generally not recommended.
24th Jul 2014 20:05
Hi Dan. Sarah and I have one which we use at the warehouse where I work in the evenings as it's proved difficult to get the club at weekends lately.

We have the 90cm version. It's very well made, quite light and stops arrows well. If you have smooth piles (Oo-er) on your arrows, they come out easily. We use standard target faces and move them around the bag to preserve it a bit but I gather you can buy replacement bag outers for about 20 quid. In any case the bag is holding up well, as is the filling.

Overall we are very happy with it and would recommend one.
26th Jul 2014 18:33
Hey Dan, I'm 99% sure that this is the latest covering for the old cubes they used to do. We built a whole wall out of these and used it as a back stop between rooms / ranges in a previous incarnation at the club. We used to shoot these in our house - using them for blank boss training. As Roger said re gardens.. but I know that you've got the smarts re:safety :o)
27th Jul 2014 16:55
Thanks all, and comments on safey noted :) I have a large, windowless brick wall I am thinking of using as the backstop and will shoot from about an arrow's distance away :) not even I can miss from that range!
28th Jul 2014 16:02
Dan, if you're going to be shooting the bag from a few feet away I would doubt that the bag will stop your arrows. You'll get a lot of them shooting through most likely. I use a 90cm layered foam boss in my garden and shoot it from 14m away and the arrows stop about 3/4 of the way into the boss. So if you hang it in front of a brick wall I'd suggest you leave enough space between it and the wall in case of shoot through.
30th Jul 2014 16:35
So i talked to merlin about these bags at telford and they are actually made of lots of scraps of cloth that are highly compressed. the advantage of this is that they apparently stop arrows a lot more reliably, so there are less pass throughs even at close ranges. but i haven't tried it so i don't know for sure. Though they are very heavy 70cm target is 22KG.
though that is their SureShot bag targets. the larger target HotShot bags are just standard layered foam. still good but less weight and stopping power. so be careful which you get.
if you have problems with arrows exiting the back of the target you can always get a target nappie/powerstop/target pad it's a super tough mat that stops arrows as soon as the point exits the back of the target. I have one and they are super effective if secured properly.
they get really expensive if you need a big one though.
and final safety tip: if your backstop is a concrete wall and you dont put a net up be careful of potential ricochets. they are always unpredictable.
1st Aug 2014 6:58