Cancellation Places for Shooting

Wednesday 7th May

Seems that I've double booked myself for the Wednesday - anyone up for taking my place?

3rd May 2014 10:55
I'll take it
3rd May 2014 14:43
I can't see a double booking our end Yiu-Hay...?
3rd May 2014 14:45
Admin I meant I double booked my personal plans on that day. There should be a booked place 07/05/14 under my name that I'm giving up for Kim.

Kim it's yours cheers.
3rd May 2014 14:55
Ah.. now I get it. Cool. Glad swappses worked. I'm also glad the forum is working pretty well. Might try and get web monkey to tidy it up a little bit with a 'latest posts' section or something when he has time.
3rd May 2014 14:59