Cancellation Places for Shooting

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2020 Archery

We've changed the target booking system and at the same time we've just put up 2x extra shoots next week! We've got an EXTRA SATURDAY session and we've reintroduced SUNDAY AT 12!

Please support the new shoots - we need quite a few people to sign up to make it worth continuing to run them.

24th Feb 2014 8:57
Will the overflow shoot still be going ahead tomorrow? I've booked on it, but I see that there's still 23 spaces so thought you may cancel it. I'll check in tomorrow morning to see if it is still on.
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
28th Feb 2014 15:10
Hi Corrinne, we won't be cancelling sessions once we've sold places - we just may not continue to put shoots in these places if they don't sell enough to cover our costs. The overflow shoots this weekend will probably just allow for a few people downstairs to spread out upstairs and have more room - so overall there will be more space. It's up to you if you prefer to pay via the website or if you take cash along on the day as there will be tons of room.
1st Mar 2014 1:16
Great, thanks for letting me know. See you later!
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
1st Mar 2014 10:02