Cancellation Places for Shooting

Un-needed Space available on the 16th of june

hi, if you want to take my spot next week please make yourself known.

10th Jul 2014 12:17
Hi Roger, I've actually just booked Holly in for Wednesday in the hope that Sarah (or you) might be able to show her her old bow. She'll also be returning the quiver then if possible. Nic.
12th Jul 2014 19:40
Hi holly/nic,
i'm afraid i'm away until junior club on the 26th. she can hand in her stuff to Diccon though.
the kit for sale is essentially the following with no pressure button but with a long rod (way more useful)and a few other extras:

best wishes,
14th Jul 2014 10:42

The quiver was actually mine. I'd be grateful if you could hand that in to Diccon and ask him to keep it in the cupboard please. I'll pick it up at some point.
14th Jul 2014 11:48
Thanks Roger, will take a look.
Also thanks Kim, Diccon has your quiver. Thanks for lending it to Holly, it was a great help & much appreciated. Sorry not to get it back to you sooner, Nic.
16th Jul 2014 19:29