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String Serving

Am about to enter that mad and scary world of DIY bow maintenance, beginning with string serving. Anyone got any useful tips, particularly bearing in mind that doing anything practical is not my forte... :)

7th Apr 2014 15:37
Practice lots :p on a serious note invest in a decent serving jig, the Beiter is expensive but a great piece of kit.
Don't put too much pressure when winding and check out you tube lots of how to's there. The tricky bit is the 'Whip End' that you finish with a bit of googling should help! Also make sure you get the right material, some is designed for the end rather than centre.
HALO is a popular choice for centre servings.
7th Apr 2014 16:48
Thanks Richard :)

When you're serving the string, do you have it taught, i.e. the bow fully strung, and do you go with the twist in the string or against it? it's not clear on youtube :(
8th Apr 2014 8:21
Here's a loooong video showing how to make a whole string. In real time!

I found it entertaining (which says more about me than it) but it does have really useful parts concerning the serving.

I was thinking of having a go at making a string myself but the bits are going to cost a fortune as opposed to about £15 for a new string made by someone who knows what they're doing. Maybe one day.

Hope this helps.

Martin W
8th Apr 2014 8:24
I do my centre servings while the bow is strung I have to admit I never worry too much about which way I serve!
Probably should, I think the school of thought is to follow the string twist that was as you draw they tighten together rather then work against each other.
8th Apr 2014 11:22
Richard and Martin

Very useful many thanks!

8th Apr 2014 11:42
The guys pretty much nailed it with their answers. i'd add the following though.
Make sure the string is almost untwisted when you serve it (maybe 5-8 twists for a standard recurve) and the string needs to be under tension so make sure it's on your bow.
Serve in the SAME DIRECTION as the string twists.
then re-twist the string and it will tighten up the serving and make it hold on better.
Halo is great serving and I recommend the more expensive Beiter Winder Profi Serving Tool as it's heavier than their standard tool which helps the tool maintain tension at all times.

best of luck,
2020 Archery Roger.
14th Apr 2014 10:56
Thanks the tips Roger, I'll give it a whirl when my stuff arrives!

14th Apr 2014 11:51