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After what can only be described as a bad shoot day on Wednesday, of bare bow shooting, trying and failing at string walking ( frustration or what) , I reverted back to my comfortable position of shooting at a spot on the floor with the one finger above two below. I was wondering what would be the effects of moving the nocking point up or down the bow string, and keeping the same fingers position. Any thoughts on this, coz I can only try this out at the Sunday session which might get funny and a ladder might be needed if this goes wrong.

14th Mar 2014 9:47
I wouldn't move the nocking point for barebow, it doesn't help. Focus on the middle of the target and before you release, try and picture the flight of the arrow through the air and it'll really help - the arc the arrow traces through the air should be consistent and therefore predictable. See "Become the Arrow" by Byron Ferguson for a detailed, excellent discussion on this. But honestly, you don't want to have your arrow anywhere other than perpendicular to your bow, it won't help.
14th Mar 2014 13:02
Simon - there are a few real barebow masters at Hampstead Bowmen. Might be worth thinking about joining Archery GB and asking to shoot there a couple of times as a visitor and picking some brains (they all go pub after shooting on a Sat). Obviously we want to keep you.. but can be useful to spread your wings a bit with things like this and get different opinions / views on things as well.

Oh.. and I back up everything Dan said! I've always found string walking (and face walking) to be disastrous and I'm pretty sure its banned for barebow comps as well. The way you're doing it sounds good to me (although I have a - probably also illegal preferance for 3 fingers below). Black widow fingertabs are the way forwards.
14th Mar 2014 16:29
Dan, nuts was hoping for a ' yeah great move the nocking point. Arh well it was a thought. Ok will keep with the three under and get use to it. Thanks for putting me straight. Admin thank for that, will look into the hampstead bowmen, will also look into the black widow tab. If only coz it's called " the black widow. And darn was so comfortable with the two under hold. Arh well. Live and learn. Thanks guys/gals
15th Mar 2014 6:04
Simon - I'd say stick with what feels comfortable but ditch string / face walking and leave the nock to be within 0-5mm of straight (with tail 'high'). I think that in terms of fingers 2 under and 1 over (mediterranean finger position) is more acceptable than 3 under - at leaat I got corrected for shooting my longbow with 3 under. I've just looked at the rules of shooting and I can't see that either is any more right or wrong though (someone might correct me.. I'll fling a post to some HB barebow-ers on facebook and ask them). I'd recommend sticking with what feels good and persevering.
15th Mar 2014 15:21
Simon, I've got a Black Widow if you want it.
17th Mar 2014 13:17
As far as I'm aware string/face walking is only disallowed under NFAS field rules. At a comp the other weekend there was a guy from CMO (Jason Meehan) who shot a 560 Portsmouth via string walking. So for some it can work very well.
19th Mar 2014 17:23