Cancellation Places for Shooting

Monday 24 Feb and Wednesday 26 Feb

I am not going to come so there should be one place free on both dates to take.

I hope that XVI century system of letting everyone know will be replaced by more contemporary one more less soon.

23rd Feb 2014 18:00
eh? We could give you a club member address book and you could mail a letter out to all the club members instead of using the forum or facebook?

Seriously though, it goes back up for sale automatically so it's good to put a heads up on the forum or facebook but I don't think people actually want newsletters to go out for every space that reopens - they can just buy any places that are available directly.

We're also trying to reduce last minute re-openings by trying to make the system more of a commitment than a 'reservation'. We're now using the same system as for our courses and have a go's with a 7 day cancellation policy. We get very few last minute place cancellations with courses or have a go's and we're trying to move to the same kind of thing with the member shoots as the system has really not been working well recently.
23rd Feb 2014 19:16
So if I have already paid for a session and then resigned before the 24hrs. notice period. What is the story with the money. Are they going to be refunded?
24th Feb 2014 0:11