Cancellation Places for Shooting

If tag were real...

... what would be your bow of choice? Longbow which is quick powerful but of "indeterminate" accuracy? Recurve with everything? accurate but somewhat unwieldy? Compound? Accurate and powerful - as long as your target is standing *exactly* 20 meters away? :)

Give me a longbow everyday of the week, in the words of that chap in Enter the Dragon - i may lose but i'll be too busy looking good :)

25th Nov 2014 12:28
I'm staying loyal to my flatbow. Partly because I could be strung up and ready to defend my pyramid in under 4.7 seconds, but mainly for aesthetic reasons. In fact, I think 2020 could make some extra dosh offering a 1.5 hour session called "Archery for Poseurs". I'd sign up. Hell, I'd teach it.

Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
27th Nov 2014 20:48
You can't be a poseur until you have a belt like mine ;) A club 18lb recurve bow works best for archery tag. It's easy to draw and hold the draw. It's lightweight and ... the limbs are already bolted on so no wiggle in the gear. You don't have to setup your bow for AT as they should be in the middle of the pitch (a la the horn in Hunger Games). PS Anyone actually got their name name for the 21st? Should be a good laff :)
4th Dec 2014 16:48
have signed up for the 21st :) hopefully my hand will be fully fit... if not I can just chuck the arrows at people :)
8th Dec 2014 14:15
I may lose but i'll be too busy looking good. classic.:)
16th Dec 2014 8:40