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Hoyt compantable limbs

Hi, Im thinking of buying 36+ limbs for my hoyt 68" riser, i would like to test the feel of any before I buy, so if any one has any I can try, I will be shooting 02:00 Sat, Sun, and Monday. can't miss me i'm the good looking one. lol


2nd Apr 2014 12:00
Obviously the riser is most likely 25'' and your string length or bow are 68''
2nd Apr 2014 12:18
I'm shooting on Sunday, and my limbs are 34lb. If nothing else, you might be able to confirm to yourself that's too light for you.
2nd Apr 2014 15:28
yeyep Witold.
Ken, thanks for that, yep I ajusted to give me 34lb, I some weeks back used Yiu-Hay man's bow' not to sure of the draw weight but I think it was in the 40+ felt good to shoot with. Hence the try out, So yep its Yiu- Hays fault...... lol
3rd Apr 2014 11:21
Hi guys, just wanted to make sure you're aware that we have a 34lb bow limit in the club as we're indoors. Anything heavier than this just shreds our targets and is unnecessary for any improved accuracy etc. It's also dangerous with the walls / sides of the roof pitch.

The instructors should be policing this but it can be tricky sometimes. Please please do not buy anything heavier than this for use in the club. Thanks!
3rd Apr 2014 18:44
ok. got it thanks Admin.
4th Apr 2014 7:00
Just to reassure Admin, I only draw 30lb on my bow when it was measured last year. If there has been any changes since it wouldn't have gone past 34lb.
4th Apr 2014 10:25
"Hi guys, just wanted to make sure you're aware that we have a 34lb bow limit in the club as we're indoors."

You may want to post that somewhere on the general website. Kinda useful information for prospective new members and current members.
7th Apr 2014 9:57
It's detailed on the Club page Kim and it's written in all of our 'welcome to the club' stuff especially for anyone that applies as a direct member. If people come through a course then it's so far in the future to be shooting more than 34lb we don't make a big thing about it. We may want to add it to the end of course info pack they get...
7th Apr 2014 16:12