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How to swap sessions and get a refund from 2020 Archery Admin

Just to clarify for everyone - I think the best way of opening and swapping sessions if last minute (i.e. when you can't go through the office to ask them to re-open the space) is to 'advertise' here. If someone comments on your thread and says "I'll take your slot" they need to go along and pay in cash and ask the instructor to note "I'm taking Billy's slot so he can get a refund". As long as your swapper has gone along and paid there won't be any problem giving you a refund.

If you know you can't go and there is time for one of us in the office to read your email and action it please just send a message - by email - to say that you want us to re-open the session. e.g. "my great aunt Maud's varicose veins are playing up - can you re-open my slot?" If we re-open it and it sells then we can deffo refund.

In both cases you'll probably need to email in the next day and say, I think you re-sold my space because Billy paid in cash.. or "I could see that my space wasn't still for sale at 7pm - can I have my money back?"

We can't do an instant service because most of us (Nikki, Martha and Heidi) only work set hours and we usually finish at 5pm.

The system seems to work pretty well - the only thing that goes wrong is if you've asked the office to re-open the place please specify here that there is a place FOR SALE and its first come first served. We have had a couple of instances where people have asked the office to re-open a place for sale and then they've offered it here and different people have claimed it and bought it.. If you're offering it directly through the forum please just say 'does anyone want my space?' and claim your refund if they go along.

2020 Archery
4th Jun 2014 15:38