Cancellation Places for Shooting


Thought I would start an intros thread.

I'm Richard I have been shooting for about 16 months now and have just started to shoot more regularly at competitions.
I mainly shoot during the week as I work locally.
I recently started a blog charting my trials and tribulations this year.

18th Feb 2014 19:31
I'm Dan I have been shooting for about 2 years and last year made the move to traditional archery, in particular the longbow. I therefore spend a lot of my time doing "the crawl of shame" :)
19th Feb 2014 10:58
That was re-branded the long walk of kudos a long time ago Dan - to remove the stigma of shooting a long bow! I'm Heidi - I'm one of the people that set up 2020 Archery 7 yrs ago now (time flies). I shoot a lovely W&W Exfeel recurve and also longbow (badly). I'm not at the club much as we have a 2nd business in the US (renting campers) but you'll see me around occasionally. I love to shoot!
19th Feb 2014 19:49

I'm Kim and I have been shooting for just under 12 months. I started archery as just a new hooby but it's now become my obsession! Until recently I was the member that you saw at EVERY session at the Downside venue. Thank to Richard (who you saw at the top of this thread) I am now entering competitions and have also started my own blog:

If you haven't figured out who I am yet just keep an eye out for a man with a HUGE belt and a silly wide stance (I call it the freedom stance). It may not be as wide as Akos' stance but it's definately more silly!

I'm currently only shooting Monday's at the Southwark Academy. Come and say hello and maybe I'll show you the belt ...
20th Feb 2014 18:45
Hi, I'm Bill and have only just joined the club having done a beginners course before Christmas. I took it up as something I could do during the winter when I can get out on my bike less often, so if you still see me on a Monday night come April/May you'll know I've truly got the bug
20th Feb 2014 20:36
Hello, Ken here.

I shot a bit when I was 12 or 13, then rediscovered it 4 or 5 years ago when 2020 was based in the industrial building in Islington. Shot for about 18 months, then work and life got in the way.

I'm now finding the time to get back into it, but I'm not expecting to reach the same level as I had when I was shooting 3 or 4 times a week!
3rd Apr 2014 9:38