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Handicap Question / Query...

In the 2020 club competition last week I scored 526 with a handicap of 40 and an allowance of 910 making my final score 1436.

This put me in 9th position.
So my goal for future competitions is to score more points!
But how many?

If my maths are up to scratch then in order to have tied with first place I would have had to score 614 points in the competition...
But surely theres only a max of 600 possible.

Am I missing something?

16th Mar 2014 11:50
Handicap comps are more about how people shoot based on their recorded handicap rather than out and out scoring.
So based on Dan's handicap of 77 he must have beat his recorded average club score by 60 points or so.
If you shoot well above the score your handicap represents you will be hard to beat.
16th Mar 2014 13:37
Hi Gary

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of shooting a longbow is that it can be very random as to consistency. Prior to the competition my personal best was 256, and I scored 315, which I have to admit is a freak result, mainly caused by a big purple patch in the middle which included 4 x's [bizarre by longbow standards!]. Curiously the weekend before the competition I scored a measly 153 and last weekend I scored 235 so it can be very random! On the plus side next competition will take the 315 into account which will greatly lessen my handicap.
18th Mar 2014 10:29
Yes this is the main drawback to a handicap comp. it makes it accessible to everyone but can lead to no win situations sometimes. I will discuss with Heidi about maybe distributing prizes between handicap scores and raw scores for future comps.
This is the first club comp I have run and I have lots of ideas to make the future ones better!
18th Mar 2014 22:23
I think the way forward is to have different categories so you'd compete with longbow, sighted recurve, sighted recurve (novice) or barebow. There would then be a prize for each one. By the way peoples need to email into the office to collect their prizes :o)
19th Mar 2014 1:16