Josie : Shooting at 2020.. Do’s and Don’ts

While we’re here we might as well cover all the bases. This is by no means a definitive list but covers many things I’ve come across in my time at 2020. There are no doubt things I’ve missed, and perhaps some should be expanded upon, but for what it’s worth this is my 2020 “Do’s and Don’ts” Guideline List…

>>—->  2020 uses whistle codes on the shooting line. Please listen out for them! The safer we stay, the more shooting we can pack in.

>>—-> The shooting line can get very busy: be aware of where the ends of your limbs and arrows are at all times.

>>—-> Don’t run with arrows. The quicker we clear the butts and get safely back behind the line the more ends we can fit in, but never compromise safety for speed!

>>—-> The butt you are shooting on is your responsibility. Ensure the legs are always in the correct position.

>>—-> Be respectful of other archers and their kit – this includes club equipment too!

>>—-> Never distract an archer once they’ve started drawing.

>>—-> Never nock your arrow off the shooting line.

… and some positives:

>>—-> Have fun! If you’re not shooting well and getting frustrated your form will deteriorate. Take a break and clear your mind.

>>—-> On the other end of the scale, if you’re shooting well don’t let it go to your head – over-confidence will mess up concentration in exactly the same way as frustration.

>>—-> Not sure about something? Ask! There are plenty of coaches and club members milling around, don’t be afraid to ask questions (even if the question may seem silly – we were all beginners once).

>>—-> If you’re looking to purchase a new bow why not ask some of the club members if you can try theirs? Be prepared that they may not all say yes but it’s worth asking.

>>—-> When you’re struggling with technique (as we all do at times) ask someone on the line to watch you shoot and offer comments. Better still, if they can video you on their phone that will give you plenty of information to work with. If you’re anything like me you’ll hate seeing yourself on film, but it really works.

Anyone else? The floor is open to bidders…