Terms and Conditions / Cancellation Policy

Updated Tuesday 1st November 2022

1. Pushchairs / children and spectators

Please note that archery sessions in progress are not safe spaces for children. We cannot offer supervision of, or allow children into, archery sessions. 2020 Archery Juniors has a strict minimum age of 8 yrs. At our 'grown up' club we have a strictly enforced minimum age of 11+.

Pushchairs are not admitted into any of our archery sessions. We will not offer refunds or re-booking if guests are turned away due to our inability to offer appropriate child care.

2. Notice period for cancellation

According to our terms of hire with the venues that we use we require 7 days notice to amend group / exclusive event bookings. This includes any changes to agreed numbers, dates or times of a confirmed booking. We are unable to refund a course once it has started. For one to one coaching sessions we require 48 hrs notice to make changes. If we have less than the required notice period we'll do our best to help out if we can but we can't guarantee that we'll be able to move you to a different spot of your choice. If we really can't do anything we will discuss with you our charges incurred and if we can we'll return a reasonable amount after covering our costs, no guarantees though so please do let us know as soon as you know that something has changed!

3. Voucher Purchases

Voucher purchases are not refundable or exchangeable for cash and can only be used for booking archery sessions. They may be used as part payment for any course, lesson, Have a Go, Club Membership or Shooting fees. Vouchers may not be used as part-payment for events.

2020 Archery vouchers are valid for one year although this may be extended if requested.

4. Re-bookings following cancellation with more than 1 weeks notice

A full refund can be given with more than 7 days notice. If we need to repeatedly re-book an administration charge of £75 (groups) and £5 (Have a Go, Target Bookings, Junior club or Courses) will be charged for the 3rd and any subsequent re-bookings.

5. Agreed numbers for group bookings

For group bookings we require you to agree a minimum number of participants which forms the basis of our agreement for payment at the time of booking (or rarely following the event). We require 7 days notice to amend this minimum number.

6. Non-attendance / less than 7 days notice

All payments are non-refundable in the event of non-attendance.

7. Club membership

Club membership costs £65 and is a contribution to group insurance and admin charges for maintaining our newsletter. This is non-refundable following any use of the range. 2020 Archery club membership does not include Archery GB membership - this can be arranged separately through the office.

8. Cancellation by 2020 Archery

As we hire in space at different venues we are bound by the bookings / cancellations procedures at the venues that we use. Unfortunately this means that we must therefore reserve the right to cancel any event, lesson or club session at any point up to and including the event date itself. Any such cancellation will be made in writing (via email) to the appropriate contact. Should this occur 2020 Archery will refund any fees paid. 2020 Archery shall not be liable for any other costs (for example, for travel) that may have been incurred in the event of such a cancellation.

9. Terms and conditions for the purchase of shooting credits

Shooting credits act just like paying for a session with cash. We need 7 days notice to change the date of the session (as with cash). Unfortunately we can't replenish credits if you didn't make it along to a booked session and we can't refund the block payment once you've started using the credits. Credits can't be used by other people (or transferred to others) and anything unused will expire at the same time as membership.

10. Terms and conditions for payment by direct debit

The direct debit is payment for 1 person only, you can't use the pre-paid sessions for anyone other than yourself.

Unfortunately we can't carry forward unused sessions or refund direct debit payments once they've been collected - everything needs to work 'forwards' so that you pay for the upcoming month's shooting as a direct debit at a cheaper rate than pay as you go.

The system that we're using is called "Go Cardless" (Direct Debit provided by Royal Bank of Scotland). As well as administering payments for us on your behalf it also makes a customer account which will enable you to view what payments have been / are being taken and when.

If you wish to cancel you can do this yourself by logging into your Go Cardless account or we can do this for you if you let us know at least 1 week before your next payment date. As we work 'forwards' we can just switch off your next month of shooting before the point that the direct debit would have been taken.

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds or part refunds if the club is closed for reasons beyond our control, over periods of seasonal holidays or for Bank Holidays.

Please note that we start your term of pre-paid sessions on the day that we receive the instruction that you have set up the Direct Debit (or the first working day after you've set it up if its a weekend). We note this as your anniversary. If you cancel the Direct Debit - or ask us to do so - we will switch off your pre-paid sessions on the anniversary of when we first switched you to pre-paid e.g. Sept 4th switch on, Dec 4th switch off. This is before the date when money first leaves your account as it will take Go Cardless a few days to get the authorisations - and money - from your bank.

11. Photography and video

By making a booking with 2020 Archery you agree that all images and video taken of you and your group by us at our events is the exclusive property of 2020 Archery and may be used for promotional activities online and in print. If you do not wish 2020 Archery to use these images and / or video please notify us before the day of your event.