We're Offering Archery Tag in Harris Academy (bermondsey)! Gather a Few Mates (work Social/stag Do/birthday...) and Try Our Great New Combat Archery Game! Click for Info...

Do you want to try something a bit different? Fancy archery but not sure about the standing around hitting stationery targets? Our fantastic new Combat Archery game may be just the thing you're looking for.

We're now offering bookings at Harris Academy in Bermondsey PLUS we've recently teamed up with London Bubble Football in case you're after a multi-event Combo (we also offer Target Archery / Tag Combos)!

Archery Tag has been described as 'dodgeball with arrows' or 'archery paintball'!


If you'd like to arrange to bring an exclusive group (brilliant for work socials, corporate events and stag parties! ) then here's a link to check dates and book directly online : https://www.2020archery.co.uk/archery-tag

We've just bought the London licence to play this brilliant new sport which has a growing popularity base internationally. So how do you play? Archery Tag is suitable for total beginners (although if you want to improve your skills it isn't a bad idea to attend a Have a Go or a Beginners Course) as we'll run through all the archery basics at the start of the session.

We'll run through the rules, kit you up with our patented 'SAFE' bows & arrows (non-lethal and non-painful when shot) and then run a series of 5 minute games. We play 5 a side (can be 4 or 6 a side if you have a smaller or slightly larger group) and the goal is to 1) 'tag' (e.g. shoot!) all the members of the opposite team and 2) shoot out all 5 spots on your target located in the other team's zone. If you're shot you're out but if you strike out one of the 5 spot targets you can call team members back in.

We can play daytimes, evenings and weekends!

The game is fun and furious! Check out the video below - recorded at our staff Christmas party - for a taste of how to play!

Plus we've got a full How to Play Archery Tag breakdown over on our Blog : https://www.2020archery.co.uk/blog/how-to-play-archery-tag/