Which Course Should I Take?

All of our lessons include equipment hire, tuition and insurance and are suitable for complete novices. We use lightweight training bows to get you started without too much of a shock to the system.

There's more information below about the structure of courses and you can find our upcoming courses using the links on the left.

What's the best way to get started?

Our courses have a core 3 week section which is basically what's offered by the weekend course. The 5 week courses have a pre-course week and post-course week added to the core weeks of 2, 3 and 4.

The 5 week course is a good option if you don't have any experience shooting and it's really good for forming the habit of coming along to the club. The structure means that progress is achievable for almost any standard of fitness or proficiency. We recommend regular attendance - once or twice a week - to continue to see progress following the course.

The weekend course is faster paced and is suitable for people with some experience e.g. on holiday or via our Have a Go session. This is a good option for a fun weekend of doing something different but can be more challenging if you're out of shape or haven't ever tried archery. If you're planning to join the club and shoot regularly we like the 5 week course as it establishes a habit of attendance. If you've tried archery before, you're in pretty good shape, you're a fast learner and you just want to get started and join the club the weekend course may be right for you.

Week 1: shooting traditional style (without sights). This is a fun session getting to know the equipment and the rest of the group. Included in all 5 week courses. Shooting distance - 10 yards. Can be 'bolted-on' to the weekend course by completing a Have a Go session beforehand.

Week 2 : shooting with sights. This session is the starting point on the weekend course. Shooting distance - 10 yards.

Week 3 : shooting with sights. We change the distance of the targets and teach you how to adjust your sight. Instruction in etiquette, posture and improving accuracy. Shooting distance - 12 to 14 yards.

Week 4: shooting with sights. This is the final section of the weekend course. Shooting distance - 16 to 18 yards. We will shoot a short round to get you used to scoring.

Week 5: final week of the 5 week course. We shoot the first proper round (a half-Portsmouth) and record scores for our novice leader board. We shoot at the full 20 yards indoor distance. This week is challenging but fun - you should be (just about) on target although we hope you'll continue shooting with the club and improving your accuracy.

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