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What would be your ideal time / day for club shoots?

As many responses as possible would be helpful! We've got a great lead for a fabulous new venue not too far from DF. Loads of space and we can probably shoot 25m. WOO HOO.

So, question : what would be your ideal time / times for a club shoot? (Day and Time please).

2020 Archery
19th Jun 2014 19:02
I just discovered the Monday night shoot, which I think is a good day. Or Tuesday night? 7 pm works well for me; not sure what everyone else thinks!
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
19th Jun 2014 20:31
18.30-19.00 start on a weekday works for me. Less hanging around at work and getting home at a reasonable hour. The day of the week not so important.
20th Jun 2014 6:18
Would this be in addition or instead? Weekend and weekday the same. In addition, I think, a lot of us miss the Friday shoot, but any new weekday is welcome.
20th Jun 2014 6:26
Friday at say 18.30/19.00? Archery followed by enough time to be social and stuff :)
20th Jun 2014 10:35
Thinking about it avoiding a Tuesday would be good as that is when I shoot outdoors.
I miss the Friday shoots as well.
20th Jun 2014 11:12
Friday's would be nice
20th Jun 2014 11:32
Sorry, misunderstanding. This is more to see if you could only shoot once a week when would be your number 1 preferred time. I don't believe that its Friday for most people....!

So.. if you could only have one session (but you were guaranteed to be able to shoot) when would it be?

Don't read too much into this - its to help me write a business plan..
21st Jun 2014 0:20
Would still opt for Friday :)
21st Jun 2014 8:30
In that case Wednesday would be a better day for me.
21st Jun 2014 8:31
A 18:30 - 19:00 start time would be great for me for the usual reasons around time leaving work.
21st Jun 2014 16:32
Still Monday or Tuesday! Usually knackered by the end of the week.
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
21st Jun 2014 22:16
Happy as is with Wednesday but would like the addition of either Tuesday or Thursday or both?
21st Jun 2014 23:59
Weds is definitely my best day, and I like the 7 for 7:30 start, less of a struggle to leave work early.
27th Jun 2014 23:43