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Favourite TV/Film archer?

Have been watching the Arrow boxset recently and was thinking who was/is the best on screen archer?

My vote is for Michael Praed as the 80's Robin Hood. He should win for the theme tune alone [which I now have stuck in my
head!] Thoughts? Yer man himself from Arrow? Thomas Jane in Punisher? Kevin "English accent" Costner in Prince of Thieves? That bloke from the Avengers? The blonde one from Dungeons and Dragons? Orlando Bloom from LOTR?

16th Jul 2014 15:09
Dunno, but every time I tell someone I joined an archery club I get the same response - "Because of Game of Thrones, I assume?" and then they look at me funny when I say I've never actually seen GoT.

Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
16th Jul 2014 15:32
And you all forgot a certain Katniss ....
16th Jul 2014 16:02
Of course, the best on screen archer is ... Stirling Archer aka Duchess. (Yes I know ... but you did ask!!!!)
16th Jul 2014 16:03
By the by, if you look carefully at the bus adverts for the new Hercules film, i think the "archer" has forgotten something :D
17th Jul 2014 7:00
The princess in Brave as she has excellent technique. Something lacking in most film archers.
22nd Jul 2014 18:57
Also special mention for Patrick Bergin in the 1991 movie of Robin Hood that is totally my fav. Robin Hood movie. 80's Robin of sherwood was pretty bad ass tv show to though.
22nd Jul 2014 19:04
Re : onscreen Archer.. so I had to be in the same room as lovely husband watching the whole series of 'Arrow'. Absolute tripe and piffle (although I totally love his green eyeshadow).. hilariously right towards the end of the series Asher pauses it.. turns to me and says, 'You know what's a bit unbelievable..' HA HA HA HA. Me, "The one thing that's a bit unbelievable in the most ludicrous show to have ever graced our screens...?"

Favourite archer I think I may have been a little bit in love with Costner "EVERYTHING I DO... I DOOOOO IT FOR YOOOOOUU." I think it's a generational thing.
27th Jul 2014 16:59