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Do introverts make better archers than ear-bending loudmou .. I mean, extroverts - trad archery blog

Stumbled across this (I'm rather good at internet stumbling) - looks like a pretty decent UK-based blog about traditional archery. Particularly like this new article asking whether introverts make the best archers (*coughYEScough*)

Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
26th Oct 2014 21:12
well being an extrovert certainly doesn't hurt everyones shooting. I call to the stand 3 times outdoors world champion Brady Ellison to the stand:

thankfully he only does that once he's won though. so maybe it's about WHEN you are extroverted and when you are introverted. I't interesting to note that a lot of the other countries make a lot more noise and celebrate when they make a good shot in a comp. where as in England that is looked down on. I think it's a bit of a shame but i'm an ear-bending loudmouth a lot of the time.
4th Nov 2014 15:15
i missed the best pic
4th Nov 2014 15:16
Yeah, I actually don't believe that good performace can be so dependent on one trait like intro/extraversion (I was being my usual facetious self in my first post :p). Got to be far more about commiting to training.

That said, I'm sure I read in some archery etiquette guide that it's best for shooting if you can be a bit Zen about the whole thing, and not get over-excited over a good shot (or overly annoyed over a bad one), so maybe that's where the idea came from?

(and nowt wrong with loudmouths; balances out us shysters. Takes all sorts, as everyone's mum said.)
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
5th Nov 2014 23:59
I think that if everyone around him/her is doing well, the extrovert will probably shoot better as they will be buoyed by the euphoria, whereas for the introvert it would have no impact at all.
18th Nov 2014 14:23