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Christmas Party?

1) Do you want to shoot on Sat 19th / Sun 20th December? (It'll mean decamping to Harris)
2) Do we want to organise drinks etc afterward?
3) Santa hats, tinselled bows, mince pies, mulled wine etc very much encouraged for Christmas shoot if we get enough people to make the booking.

Please let us know your thoughts!

30th Nov 2015 18:32
Yes - I'd be up for it on either 19th or 20th and could be flexible about time. Mince pies and mulled wine sound like a great idea - would be happy to contribute :o)
30th Nov 2015 20:01
I'd be happy join to for shooting and drinks. Either 19th or 20th are fine with me at the moment. :D
1st Dec 2015 14:16
So far we've got 5 people wanting to shoot on Sat 19th. Everyone that replied was female, not quite sure what to make of that. We definitely need a few more people to say yes before we can make a booking. 2020 Archery Christmas parties are notoriously fun... we should make this happen people.
1st Dec 2015 17:15
Come on folks - sounds like a lot of fun and lads, we won't make you wear Santa hats if you don't want to - promise ;o)
2nd Dec 2015 11:28
I would love to join for shooting and drinks :) either day works for me too!
2nd Dec 2015 21:11
Depends on the time for the shoot if the 19th as I have work thing in the morning until about 2pm, thanks :) 20th free all day though
3rd Dec 2015 14:57
Yeah, I'm up for that. Mulled wine can only improve my shooting.
Corrinne B (2020 Instructor)
7th Dec 2015 7:43
I can only make Sunday 20th as I'm working all day on the Saturday. If you go with the Saturday, hope you guys all have fun shooting and pigging out on mince pies!
12th Dec 2015 14:02
I'm in. too.
13th Dec 2015 22:12
I'm in!
14th Dec 2015 10:39
Hi, so is it happening? I could join too on saturday
17th Dec 2015 12:15
Is this actually happening? Looked to book online but just says fully booked and to see forum....
17th Dec 2015 14:49