Cancellation Places for Shooting

No space left for next weekend already?!

Have the Sat and Sun sessions all been booked out for a classes?

10th Apr 2014 8:46
*for classes* - pre-coffee brain-fart.
In before the gramma-nazi's...
10th Apr 2014 8:48
I think the club is shut for the Easter bank holiday :)
10th Apr 2014 10:06
Hiya, Sunday is closed because of the marathon. It's really tricky to get to DF when the marathon is on and this year they've decided to shut completely. Sorry - we only found out on Monday. Saturday at 12 is just busy as Sunday is not happening. Saturday at 2pm - I've just opened a few more places as we'd left a few closed that should have been open. The awesome Anna has been replaced with the fab Nikki so we're running a little slower than usual.

The following weekend is Easter and the centre will be closed again.
10th Apr 2014 21:12