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Book review: Archery Anatomy by Ray Axford

Archery Anatomy by Ray Axford

Ray Axford, the author of Archery Anatomy, describes his book as a “primer of anatomical biomechanics and elementary physical mechanics as they relate to archery”. That’s a pretty accurate description: if you’re looking for tips to combat your target panic, you won’t find them in here. Archery Anatomy, as the title implies, is deeply grounded ... Read More

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The Art of Scythian Warfare – at The British Museum

Scythian Exhibition at The British Museum

The British Museum has its latest blockbuster Winter show on… and it’s archery related! (and also Game of Thrones related as apparently the Scythians were the inspiration for the Dothraki – more about that via this link). We’re lucky enough to have a club member who managed to get us a few tickets to one ... Read More

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What is a WA 1440 competition?

We were just about to hit send on a club newsletter telling people about the latest WA1440 competition and we suddenly thought, ‘What if I was a novice archer? Would I have any clue what a ‘WA’ (World Archery) or WRS (World Record Status) competition and what does 1440 even mean?’ So we wrote this ... Read More

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How to Navigate the Blog and a Bit of a Contents List!

Here are a few tips for navigating the blog. The tag cloud on the right side of the page is our broad ‘contents’ section. If there’s something particular you’re interested in e.g. “Beginners Archery”, or “How to Improve your Shooting”, or… I don’t know, “What to Do in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse” (tip.. ... Read More

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Give Archery A Go!

Whilst opportunities to join your local football or rugby club might be more obvious, team sports – or ball sports – are not for everyone. Luckily, there are many more pastimes available to you in your local area than you might think. Archery is just one of them – and we think it’s high time ... Read More

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Meet the Instructors – Louise!

  Hey Louise! Tell us a little bit about yourself! Hiya, I’m 26 from South London, I studied film and photography at university. When I’m not working at 2020 you probably find me in the gym, teaching pole fitness, taking part in some sort of outdoor adventurous activity or in my kitchen pretending to be ... Read More

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How to Play Archery Tag!

————————————-   The battlefield where you get to shoot your friends! We all know about paintball, dodgeball and laser tag; but do you know about Archery Tag? Archery Tag is an awesome combat game where two or more teams fight each other using bows and arrows. But don’t be scared, there’s no blood involved and ... Read More

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Learning the Basics of Archery Through Digital Aids

  Getting to grips with the basics of virtually any sport has changed in the last decade. Luckily, technological advancements have meant that we now have a means to find information via a myriad of sources online that weren’t previously available to us. While our blog section here at 2020 Archery will provide you with ... Read More

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