Josie: Good Morning Ladies and Gents….


Good morning ladies and gents, my name is Josie and I shall be one of your flight attendants on this voyage. Please read the safety instructions provided and ensure your seat belt is engaged. One of my colleagues will be along shortly with the menu, so sit back and enjoy the ride…
I’ve been shooting with 2020 since last April (2012) after doing the 5-week intro course with Asher. I had shot before back in Devon in a casual way so it was great to finally get a decent grounding in proper archery technique. Immediately afterwards I joined the club and there aren’t many weeks I haven’t shot since. It’s seriously addictive!
My first bow was purchased back in August last year. After much deliberation, questioning club members and a bit of testing I settled on the Hoyt Formula Excel with Formula Excel 30lb limbs; and what a choice she was. I still think she is far and away the best choice for me and I never tire of shooting her.
The starting set-up was quite simple: just the bow, string, Joomong Scorpion sight (which is a good beginner sight if you’re strapped for cash, although the bracket can shake loose if you don’t Loctite it) and a plastic Hoyt Super rest. Since then I’ve added a Shibuya DX button, Spigarelli Evo II rest and Easton X10 long-rod to the equation which has made a considerable improvement. In terms of arrows I shoot Easton X7 Eclipse at the moment, though that will be changing. More on that later.
I can usually be found shooting at 2020 on the weekends; either Saturday, Sunday or both if I have the time. I try to score as often as I can and chart my progress (which isn’t always upwards!) so I have a good idea what effect any changes to my bow or technique make. To give you a rough idea, my very first Portsmouth (shot on 19th May last year) scored 213. On 23rdDecember I shot 500. 
My goal is to try and join the 550 ranks this year. It’s a tough goal but I’m sticking to it. I’ll let you know how it goes!